Bike Transfer Service

Getting your bike to Land's End

The majority of people bring their bikes to the start fully assembled as it limits any issues that might occur through reassembly.

Pedal Britain can arrange for your bike to be transported to Land's End.

Cost for this service is £55.00 per bike

Please indicate at time of booking that you want this service.


Easy Bike Transfer Service Terms & Conditions

  • Clients need to package up their own bike in a Medium size cardboard bike box
  • Due to lack of room in van we cannot transport Bike Bags.
  • A local bike shop will for free or small fee provide a suitable box and much of the packing material you will need for this.
  • Instructions on how to do this effectively will be sent after booking.
  • We can arrange for collection from your home address or local bike shop.
  • Pedal Britain use a 3rd party courier service therefore cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs in transit.


Getting your bike back Home

Pedal Britain can arrange for your bike to be transported home from John o'Groats.

Cost for this service is £75 per bike

This is a more comprehensive service. The bikes will be packed into reinforced cardboard boxes for you (which means removing the front wheel, pedals, saddle & handlebars) and posted to your address.

Please indicate at the time of booking that you want this service.


Easy Bike Transfer Service

So if you book full Return bike transfer service:

Total Extra Cost is £130.00 per bike


Don’t forget

We will transport both yourself and your bike back to Inverness and drop you either at the Airport or Train Station the morning after ending ride.

See FAQ’s for further details.


Want to Travel with your Bike? No Problem!


If you are flying then you will need to box your bike before you board the plane. This can be done at Hotel night before or when you get to airport.

By Train

Please check with the train service provider for any restrictions on travelling with bikes and ensure its is booked on each leg of your journey.

Your Own Bike Boxes

Unfortunately we don’t have any extra room to carry them from Lands End in the back up van.

Therefore you will need to arrange for it to be sent to the Hotel at our final destination. Pedal Britain will again help you to sort this out.


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