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Frequently asked questions



Frequently Asked Questions


How Fit Do I Need To Be?

You don't need to be super fit as our Pedal Britain tours are designed to attract people of all ages and levels of fitness.

LEJOG is a challenging ride. Therefore the more training you do beforehand will increase your overall enjoyment. Our section on training offers some great tips and a template structured plan to adjust to your own needs.

However, please do not hesitate to call if you have any specific concerns or want further advice on training.

What Sort of Cyclist Comes On Your Tours?

We have a mixture, from keen club cyclist through to newcomers looking for a challenge.

How Fast Do We Ride?

That is completely up to you. No one on a Pedal Britain tour gets left behind as our guides ride at the back sweeping people along.

The average touring cyclist will normally travel at 10-12mph. What we find is naturally 2-3 groups form and you'll always find one that suits your pace.


What Are The Groups Like?

There is no standard group. But generally people that undertake such challenges are a fun, friendly and adventurous lot.

Ages can range from 18-65 (but skewed normally to those 35 ) Groups also tend to be split 50:50 between those traveling alone or part of a group be it pairs of friends or occasionally larger ones from a cycling club.

Women only tours are something that we are looking to launch in 2017.


What Kind of Bike Should I Use?

For LEJOG we do recommend road, touring or hybrid cycles, although Mountain bikes with slick tyres is also an option.

But it's entirely up to you what type of bike you use, so long as it's in good working order. It's worth putting bike in for a full service before the trip.

Key thing is your comfortable, have trained with it or something similar and you're confident that on it you will get to the end.

As the road surfaces are variable we suggest 25mm width wheels, with good quality tyres that have plenty of tread.


Do I Need To Be a Good Bike Mechanic?

We don't expect you to be CYTEC certified!! You're cycling up to 1,000 miles therefore a few skills would be of benefit to you.

You are most likely to encounter a puncture or two on route, so knowing how to fix one is essential. Best to carry 3-4 spare inner tubes, pump, or CO2 gas cylinders with you, good set of tyre levers and a Multi-tool.

It would be useful if you knew how to change brake pads, adjust brake cabling and gears, but really not essential. Our qualified guides will help with adjustments and repairs along the way.

If you suffer a major mechanical breakdown we will loan you a spare bike and get your bike to a nearby cycle shop for repair (at your own expense)

The support vehicle does carry a limited range of spare parts. However within your day bag it's useful to have spare set of plastic cleats & appropriate sized speed link for chain (9,10 or 11)


How Much Luggage Can I Bring?

Please bring what you need to make your holiday relaxing and comfortable. We do request that you limit this to one item of luggage per person and that this is clearly labeled.

We also recommend you bring a ruck sack that can be left in the support vehicle as a 'day bag' to hold sun cream, waterproofs, extra gels etc. This helps limit what you carry and will be accessible at every break.


What Happens to My Luggage Each Day?

We want your holiday to be as hassle free as possible. So for you comfort we transfer your luggage each day to the next accommodation.

All we ask is that on setting out each morning you leave your fully labeled luggage and day bags in the reception. Don't worry we'll provide you with labels.

What Are The Group Sizes?

At Pedal Britain we want to ensure you receive the highest level of support possible. To this end we have a minimum of 10 people, but unlike other operators we also cap the group size at a maximum of 16 people.
We feel this ensures there is always enough in the group for good company, but not too many for it to feel overcrowded and your just part of a herd.

Do We Have Back Up Support?

Our back up van will pass the group at various times during the day and so help is never far away. We have spare bikes for serious mechanicals and carry a wide range of spares for any en-route repairs.

What are The Lunches Like?

They generally rolling buffets from between that are hosted in either local cafes or pubs. On some days  Pedal Britain's pop up cafe will provide a substantial picnic lunch. Don’t worry if your cycling slowly we always make sure there is enough food for everyone.
If you want to have lunch at your own leisure we can provide you with a packed lunch. But please give advance notice of this so arrangements can be made.


Where Are the Evening Meals?

Whilst Evning Meals are not included in the cost of the holiday, Pedal Britain will make reservations each day for a group evening meal, so you don’t have to worry. These meals provide a great opportunity for socializing together and swap tales of the days events.
However attendance is purely optional and for each day a list of trip advisor rated alternatives will be provided so you can make your own choice.


Where Can We Do Our Laundry?

To remain social over the 14 days it’s advisable that you wash your kit at regular stages of the tour.
Pedal Britain will provide a FREE laundry service at a couple of points that will mean your kit is ready for collection the following morning. Some proprietors (we’ll let you know who) also kindly offer to wash a days kit for you, normally for free or occasionally a small fee.


Do I Need Insurance?

It’s highly recommended that everyone take out adequate insurance to cover against personal accident, loss of belongings and cancellation cover.

What Kind of Clothing & Equipment is Needed?

Once your signed up Pedal Britain will send you a detailed ‘Kit List’ of what you should bring along, however do feel free to ask if you need further clarity.



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