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Terms and Conditions

1. Booking Procedure & Payment Terms

1.1 On selection of your holiday please complete a booking form online or return a signed copy by email or post. Payment of deposit is deemed to be acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

1.2 On receipt of your booking form we will issue invoices for the deposit & full amount (plus any extras you have indicated such as single room supplement). Payment details will be provided on the invoice. Only on receipt of the deposit is your place on the tour confirmed. Deposit is £250.00 per person.

1.3 If only the deposit is paid at time of booking then full payment of the holiday is required no less than 8 weeks before the start of your holiday. If you book your holiday within 8 weeks of the holiday start date, the full holiday cost is required at time of booking.

1.4 If you are booking for a group, the named group leader is responsible for payment of all deposit and balance sums due, and all cancellation charges. To be eligible for group discounts all correspondence and payments must be made through the named group leader who we will assume to be Customer 1 on the booking form unless you alert us otherwise.

1.5 For International Payments from Non-UK banks we will provide our details for International transfers and you agree that any charges levied by your bank or ours will be for your account.


2. Cancellation by you

If you cancel your holiday the person who completed the booking form must notify us in writing and will be subject to the following cancellation charges from the date of receipt of your letter.

You are therefore strongly advised to ensure that you have adequate travel insurance in place to cover you in the event of cancellation by you:

2.1 The deposit is non-refundable

2.2 After payment of deposit but before the balance is due, the deposit is forfeited in full.

2.3 After payment of the balance but not less than 8 weeks before the holiday start date, the greater of the deposit or 25% of the total paid will be forfeited.

2.4 6 weeks or less before the holiday start date 50% of the total holiday cost will be forfeited.

2.5 14 days or less before the holiday start date, the full holiday cost will be forfeited.


3. Cancellation by us

3.1 If we cancel your holiday we will offer you an alternative departure date for the same holiday, or an alternative holiday.

3.2 You are not obliged to accept our offer of alternatives and can instead opt for a full refund, including deposit, of all monies paid to Pedal Britain.

3.3 If you accept a holiday of greater or lesser value, the difference between the original holiday cost and the new holiday cost will be paid either by you or us as the case may be.

3.4 Should the tour be cancelled by us, we will not be responsible for any incidental expenses that you may have incurred such as travel expenses, visas etc & no compensation will be paid to cover these expenses.

3.4 You should ensure that you have adequate insurance in place to cover you, should we be forced to cancel your holiday to cover those amounts paid to suppliers other than us (e.g. travel arrangements).

3.5 If the tour is cancelled because the minimum number of people required to operate this tour hasn't been reached then you will be notified no less than 3 calendar months before the departure date.


4. Variation by you

4.1 If you wish to change the holiday you have booked, you may request a transfer to another holiday and we will endeavour to meet this request, subject to availability.

4.2 If you request a holiday of greater or lesser value, the difference between the original holiday cost and the new holiday cost will be paid either by you or us as the case may be.

4.3 If we cannot accommodate you in your request, cancellation charges will still apply.

4.4 There is no charge for the first variation under this section. Second and subsequent variations will attract a £50 administration fee per person travelling under your booking.

4.5 If you are delayed in joining the start of your holiday or need to curtail your holiday, we will not offer any refund. You will be responsible for making your own travel arrangements at your own cost from the point where you join or leave the holiday.


5. Variation by us

5.1 All reasonable care is taken to ensure that your holiday is as advertised. We take great care to ensure that only the most suitable accommodation is used and that the routes offer the best cycling on offer. However we retain the right to alter your holiday.

5.2 If there is a significant variation to the advertised holiday we will offer you the same options as set out under Cancellation by us above.

5.3 A significant variation is defined as one where any of the following conditions are met:

5.3.1 The holiday start as advertised is altered by more than 12 hours

5.3.2 The holiday finish as advertised is altered by more than 12 hours

5.3.3 The holiday start or finish point is changed by more than 15 miles.

5.4 A change in the hotels as advertised or the route as advertised does not constitute a significant variation.

5.5 You should ensure that you have adequate insurance in place to cover you should we be forced to make a significant variation to your holiday to cover those amounts paid to suppliers other than us (e.g. travel arrangements)


6. Your liability and obligations to us

By signing the booking form you agree that:

6.1 You are in a fit medical state to undertake this holiday which is of an active nature.

6.2 You recognise that there are factors outside our control which may cause injury or death for which we cannot be held liable or negligent, including but not limited to the state of road surfaces, the behaviour of other road users, mechanical or other bicycle failure or adverse weather conditions.

6.3 We have strongly recommended that you wear protective headgear and that if you choose not to do so then that is at your own risk.

6.4 To act in a responsible manner both on and off the road and to respect the local customs of areas visited.

6.5 To comply with the wishes of our service providers.

6.6 To agree to the decisions of our tour leaders, guides, assistants or any employees, directors or staff of Cycling Solutions Ltd, whose decision is final and binding.

6.7 That if in the opinion of our tour leaders, guides, assistants or any employees, directors or staff of Pedal Britain, your continued presence on the holiday represents a threat to other customers or if your behaviour is of an anti-social or offensive nature, we retain the right to curtail your holiday immediately without compensation and that you will be responsible for your onward travel arrangements and costs.

6.8 You agree that we may use photographs taken of you for marketing purposes unless you tell us otherwise in writing.


7. Force majeure

In the event of force majeure we will not be able to refund or offer alternative holidays. Your travel insurance should cover this event.


8. Accommodation

8.1 Accommodation as described on our website or in our literature is subject to change without notice. We are constantly striving to offer the best value for money that we can find and sometimes we decide to change suppliers in order to meet this aim.

8.2 Our accommodation providers will have their own terms of use that you agree to abide by.

8.3 Whilst we describe our accommodation in good faith, we cannot warranty that facilities provided by our accommodation suppliers and as described by us will be made available to you either (a) at all or (b) without further cost payable by you. Common examples of this include where a hotel may charge for Wi-Fi or for use of their swimming pool. We cannot accept liability for failure to provide any service


9. Travel to and from your holiday start / end point

Our holidays do not include travel to and from the start and end points. The start and end points are clearly described in our literature, on our website and on our invoice. You are responsible for making your own arrangements at your own expense either to the start and end points or to one of the designated pick up points as described by us.


10. Insurance requirements

10.1 You agree to arrange suitable travel insurance for the type of active holiday that you are undertaking, including cover for equipment either owned by you or hired from us or our agents, to include medical cover and repatriation in the event of injury or death.

10.2 Your travel insurance covers cancellation, variation or delay as set out in various paragraphs of these terms and conditions, including those elements not paid to us such as travel to and from the holiday.


11. Our Public liability insurance

We have public liability insurance in place and a copy of our schedule is available on request.


12. Bike hire conditions

12.1 If you have requested bike hire we will make available to you a bicycle for the duration of your holiday from the start point to the finish point.

12.2 We take all reasonable care to ensure that the bicycle is in full working order and is safe to ride. However if you notice any mechanical or structural issues you agree to inform us at once.

12.3 You agree to take due care of the bicycle and equipment provided and to return it in the same state as it was provided (wear and tear excepted).

12.4 You agree that your travel insurance will cover the bicycle against loss, damage or destruction.


13. Support

On tours with 8 people or less in the group there may only be one tour guide with you who will drive the back up van each day. Tours with 8 - 14 people in the group will have two tour guides with one guide driving the back up van and the other guide cycling with the group.


14. Legal

Cycling Solutions Ltd T/A Pedal Britain is incorporated in England and Wales Company number xxxxx Registered address: xxxx


15. Consumer Protection

In order to comply with EU Travel Regulations 1992 your deposit & final payment will be held in a separate account until your holiday is completed. This is to ensure the financial security of your holiday.


16. Descriptions

All descriptions whether written or verbal are given in good faith. Descriptions are by their very nature subjective and if there is anything of particular concern you should contact us prior to booking for clarification.


16. Contract

By signing your booking form you agree to the booking conditions as outlined above. Pedal Britain will carry out our obligations as detailed in the tour itinerary & any information supplied to you.


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